Cosm Venues

From live sports and entertainment to art and education, Cosm creates immersive experiences for every type of fan. With world-class content, major partnerships, and a 75-year history of powering immersive experiences for some of the biggest, most-recognized brands, Cosm is rewriting the rules to create an experience like never before. Get ready for the opening of several new Cosm Venues located (possibly) near you!

Los Angeles, CA

Cosm is coming to Hollywood Park. Located in an experiential hub with iconic arenas such as Sofi Stadium and the YouTube Theater, Cosm will elevate the landscape with immersive Shared Reality events.

Aerial Rendering of the Los Angeles, CA Cosm Venue in Hollywood Park
Exterior Rendering of Cosm at Grandscape in Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX

Cosm is coming to Grandscape. Located on one of the largest retail and entertainment destinations in the country, Cosm will deliver immersive Shared Reality events to Dallas, TX.

Powered by Cosm Technology

The Cosm venue experience is powered through our full-service suite of cutting-edge LED technology, content capabilities and elite partnerships.



Showcasing an expansive array of live sports content in Shared Reality with ESPN across professional and college sports.

NBC Sports

Accelerating the live sports offering at Cosm venues to include Premier League & additional NBC Sports content.

TNT Sports

A first-of-its-kind broadcast agreement to bring premium live TNT Sports content to Cosm venues.

Nancy Baker Cahill

Setting a new standard for immersive storytelling by bringing SEEK, a visual odyssey, to Cosm venues.


Bringing fans closer to the Octagon than ever before in a Shared Reality experience, at Cosm venues.


A new live and in-person immersive game viewing experience for fans hosted at Cosm venues.

Planetary Collective

Transforming the way the world views our world by bringing Orbital, a space exploration immersive production, to Cosm venues.

Chris Holmes

Bringing The Journey Within, a new kaleidoscopic audiovisual experience, to Cosm venues.

Cirque du Soleil

Delivering a new way to experience a Cirque du Soleil show by seamlessly blending virtual and physical worlds.

Ricardo Romaneiro

Pushing the boundaries of multisensory experiences by bringing LIQUIDVERSE: Microcosm & Macrocosm to Cosm venues.

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