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Cosm And Planetary Collective Combine Forces To Transport Audiences To Space And Feel “The Overview Effect” Through Immersive “Shared Reality” Experience.

Transporting Audiences to Space

Cosm and Planetary Collective, a creative organization specializing in perspective altering projects through film and immersive experiences, are transforming the way the world views our world by bringing Orbital, a space exploration immersive production, in “Shared Reality” at Cosm venues. This production will additionally be distributed across Cosm’s global network of planetariums as part of its Fulldome Premium Media Program. Known for introducing Space Philosopher Frank White’s concept of ‘The Overview Effect’ to the world, Planetary Collective earned critical acclaim for its short film Overview documenting astronauts’ life-changing stories of experiencing Earth from space.

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A New Avenue for Delivering Impactful Narratives

Narrated by veteran NASA Astronauts Ron Garan and Nicole Stott, Orbital is a shared meditative experience that takes audiences on a journey into space to encounter the profound beauty, inner workings, and mysteries of Earth to inspire a greater appreciation for our shared, living planet. In cooperation with a host of astronauts and cosmonauts, the immersive narrative taps into their collective experiences of seeing Earth from space, resulting in a cognitive shift in perspectives and an elevated emotional connection with the planet, known as ‘The Overview Effect’. Transporting audiences to space through dynamic visual and narrative mechanisms, Orbital offers a unique perspective on the beauty of life on Earth embedded within the living cosmos. An ideal venue for Orbital, Cosm sparks a feeling of immersion the world has never experienced before and provides an entirely new avenue for delivering impactful and meaningful narratives due to the strikingly unique spaciousness and revolutionary LED canvas.

“Orbital” is a shared immersive experience taking audiences on a journey into space to encounter the profound beauty, inner workings, and mysteries of Earth.
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