World-Class Media
World-class media, robust content ecosystem, and immersive production

From producing live immersive Shared Reality and VR experiences to pushing the boundaries in fulldome filmmaking, Cosm transports you to iconic events and extraordinary worlds.

Affordable, On-demand Access to Fulldome Films

We are proud to introduce our Premium Media Program, a new and flexible approach for Digistar planetariums to access an expanding collection of fulldome films.

We Are Storytellers, Curators, and Innovators

We have gathered an interdisciplinary community of some of the most talented artists, filmmakers, technologists, and experience designers to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling and design.

Cosm Studios
Cosm Immersive
Bringing Immersive Sports & Entertainment Events to Life

As Cosm’s immersive content production and distribution division, Cosm Immersive works with leagues, broadcasters, and teams to stream live events to worldwide audiences, providing deeper immersivity for fans everywhere. Step into the action on VR headsets, smartphone applications, and in immersive venues.

Never Miss a Game-Changing Play

C360, a Cosm company, delivers immersive video solutions that integrate with major broadcasters and digital partners, including the biggest sports media companies. Under the Cosm umbrella, C360 continues to get fans closer to the action than ever before by propelling innovation in immersive video workflows forward through its cloud-based software solutions and expertise in camera systems and computer vision.

The Future of Fulldome